Anthony Weiner is the latest in a long string (better, rope, from which they hung themselves) of politicians who just can’t stop at being a powerful leader and special interests bribe taker: they have to be “sexy” men too. They have to feed their egos even further by having illicit sex, sending disgusting pictures of themselves to strangers, cheating on their spouses and tempting fate. When one has a very high opinion of one’s self, one is apt to think that the rules of society don’t apply.

Unfortunately, men seem to lean more toward that idea than do women. Sure, we have the Paris Hiltons, the Lindsay Lohans, the Elizabeth Taylors, etc., and we know that their egos have played a big part in their stupid actions, but these women are not public servants. I know that someone who reads this will immediately think,  ‘A lot of women in politics have not been lookers, so why would anyone want to see their crotch shot photos or read their dirty talk?’ Good point. Still, none of these guys are special: they’re just average to homely guys who worship at the temple of Narcissus. It’s not about looks.

We are a shallow bunch, we human beings. We deface our limbs with tattoos because we are sheep and see others doing so, so we follow (not to mention, puncture our bodies EVERYWHERE). We buy what others buy and watch what others watch. We drive what others drive (whether we can afford to or not). We buy what others buy. We rarely have an original thought; although it appears that original thought will make some people prosperous, so I would have to encourage it. When politicians (male) think for themselves, it is usually associated with greed or sex. Either way, it’s really an ego feed. They feel that they are above what society considers moral, ethical or even legal. They do whatever they wish with the true belief that they cannot be caught, and then are seemingly remorseful and ashamed when the truth inevitably is exposed. And what do they do next? Check into rehab, of course…or blame others, then check into rehab.

There are three types of political whores these days. The first is like Weiner: self-absorbed and willing to do anything to titillate himself. These guys are like Mark Foley who texted male pages at the Capitol in the hopes of hooking up. They are like Larry Craig, who plays footsy between stalls in a men’s room at an airport in Minnesota in the hopes of hooking up. They are also Elliott Spitzers and David Vitters, who just go directly to prostitutes who hook up.

The second type really includes Larry Craig and Mark Foley again: men who live a lie because they feel that “beards” make them more likeable and, therefore, more electable. These closet cases cheat on their wives and girlfriends with men, but condemn gays in public. New Jersey’s governor, Jim McGreevey, was having gay affairs while his wife stayed home and was left to look like a female cuckold. I realize that Republican politicians cannot be gay. It’s like being Mormon and gay: not at all possible. SO, a gay Republican either has to either change parties or live a lie. It has to be very difficult to condemn those that you love by day and hide in the shadows at night.

The third category of “naughty politicians” is the lowest of the low. They are lice on rats. Newt Gingrich, John Edwards and John McCain are all politicians who either cheated on a sick wife or abandoned one. McCain came home from years as a POW to find a maimed wife…and promptly dumped her. Gingrich went off in search of a replacement for his dying wife (later, he dumped the “replacement” wife too), and Edwards had the nerve to say he was cheating on his sick wife while “she was in remission.” We all know her remission didn’t last, nor did their marriage. These guys are priceless. In the cases of Gingrich and McCain, they still ran for office because they figured that cheating on  and abandoning a sick wife isn’t grounds for bowing out of a presidential election bid, but having oral sex with an intern is reason for impeachment. Whatever.

Occasionally, we hear about predatory behaviors of women in schools. Mary Kay LeTourneau was willing to give up everything for a dumb, ugly little boy…but, hey, Mary Kay LeTourneau? This woman should never have been allowed in a classroom in the first place. Women like LeTourneau are sick. Still, look at the men in such positions. It’s a story as old as Abelard and Heloise. My old high school has seen a fair amount of this: two teachers who were involved in such messes taught the same subject! One lost everything for a girl young enough to be his grand-daughter and the other was a closet case who preyed on a young male student. The first teacher is in a nursing home: the second on prison. There’s a special place in Hell for them both. 

Now, let’s turn to women in politics. How many women can one name who have been involved in such scandals who are public servants? While you ponder that question, I’ll move on. There are fewer women in high political positions in Washington and that might be a reason why we haven’t heard of similar stories among the nation’s female senators, members of Congress and other elected officials. Would these women, who have fought so hard to acquire these positions, risk ruining their careers for a cheap thrill? Never. They know that it’s not all about them: too bad their male counterparts don’t feel the same. Too many people are hurt by the foolish actions of that one politician – not only family and friends, but constituents too.

According to one of the great authorities on EVERYTHING, Rush Limbaugh, liberal mothers are to blame for the problems many of these politicians have today. He stated recently that women have raised their sons to be “Alan Alda” types making them weak and labelling them “sissies”, so they have to show that they are real men by being assholes and indulging in their sexual fantasies to prove their manhood. He should know better than anyone because he indulged in his fantasies in the Dominican Republic back in 2006 and was caught bringing illegally acquired Viagra back into the U.S. Anyway, there are so many things wrong with Limbaugh’s comment, but he was probably high when he said it. No mention of fathers when he threw out this cherry bomb, but Limbaugh, not be a father himself (thank the Lord) likely forgot that some children have fathers who actually play a part in the upbringing of their children. Further, he likely assumes that sex is the key force in these politicians’ lives. BUT, we all know that it’s about power for these boys. ‘I can do stupid stuff and get away with it because I’m a powerful man.’ The misguided Superman mentality will inevitably fail once the foolish politician finds out that secrets are like bullets and they don’t bounce off: they pierce the armor and leave Mr. Tweet, Mr. Pictures of My Penis or Mr. Secret Life exposed and vulnerable.

Call me a man-hater: I really don’t care. We know that men never quite mature. They like toys, noise and some secretly like other boys, BUT they never really get beyond the idea that each and every one is a center of the universe. Where I live, men seem to love big guns and gigantic trucks! I was told by a retired policeman that there are men in my hometown who will make their Harley payments before they pay the rent or buy food for their kids. It’s not about the good of the majority (family, workplace, community, society), it’s about the individual. Many have heard me say that most men never mature past the age of fourteen. Think about it. Motorcycles, loud trucks, violent sports, fart jokes and the endless collection of toys (boats, cars, trucks, campers, etc.) are all more associated with men than women. More men than women have ADHD. More men than women cheat on partners and studies have shown that the primary reason for adultery is boredom. While women are taking care of the house and the kids, men are looking for something more fun. Men commit more violent crimes against family and strangers. While I was certain that the answer was testosterone, studies have shown that hormone alone does not make people more aggressive or violent. What else can it be? POWER. And, as women gain more power and position in society, men feel threatened.

So, Mr. Edwards is facing charges that he used campaign money to support his pregnant girlfriend during his 2008 push for the White House. Mr. Weiner is facing a pregnant wife who has just returned from a European trip with her boss, Hillary Clinton (Mr. Weiner has a lot of explaining to do). Oh, and Arnold the Governator, is getting to know his illegitimate son who looks like his youngest legitimate son’s twin. Mr. Schwarzenegger has told people close to him that he doesn’t get his scandal because men have other children out of their marriage all the time. Men still wield the most power…and fall further when the abuse of power and foolish behavior bring them down. And the beat, will likely, go on..



About smokefyre

I am a teacher and a pet lover. I am very opinionated, particularly when it comes to politics. I am a liberal. I support gun control, equal opportunities for all people, senior citizen rights, rights of the poor, rights of children, rights of animals and freedom to live without fear. I believe in environmental protection. I oppose ideals which oppress people already oppressed. I feel that ALL people have rights, not just the rich and the noisy. I am single, live a very small town, but have lived in both Los Angeles and Chicago and prefer the city. I am from the town in which I now live, and chose to return to be closer to my family. I kayak and garden. My musical interests are varied, save country music because it holds no appeal to me. I believe in the Golden Rule, although I fear it is being ignored in favor of selfishness and greed. I am generous and support many causes that I believe help make people's lives better. My religious views are vague at this point in my life. I abhor those who feel that their religious views need to be shared by everyone else. My patriotism can be summed up by one phrase: Of the people, by the people and for the people...NOT of some people, for some people, and by some people.
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